The purpose of this course is to introduce the physician to the radiological anatomy of the nose and paranasal sinuses and to guide them to the right indications in the imaging request and interpretation for the main nose & sinuses pathology. The collegial evaluation of clinical cases will reinforce the learning process in a practical fashion. With the knowledge of the clinical and radiological picture the physician will be taken to the surgical theater where in live surgery there will be a full interaction between the audience and the surgeons.

Invited speakers

  • Alberto Scattolin (Florence – Italy)
  • Alessandro Varini (Trieste – Italy)
  • Andrea Falzone (Rovereto – Italy)
  • Andrea Pellegrin (Trieste – Italy)
  • Dilyana Vicheva (Plovdiv – Bulgary)
  • Francesca Bonfioli (Rovereto – Italy)
  • Giuseppe Nicolò Frau (Rovereto – Italy)
  • Mariangela Cetrulo (Trento – Italy)
  • Marinella Neri (Rovereto – Italy)
  • Rossana Franciosi (Rovereto – Italy)