Villasimius – (Cagliari)
Sardegna – Italy
October 1st to 3rd 2017


Dear colleagues and co-workers involved in the field of ear surgery and implants, we’d like to invite you to this course that wants to provide the tools to better understand the temporal bone imaging studies to the clinicians that are involved in the treatment of ear pathology with a special attention to the Imaging related to the application of ear implants in the treatment of deafness.
The course is divided in four sessions: Chronic ear, Temporal bone and CPA tumours, Malformations and Imaging related to Implants.
The faculty is rich of experts in the field that will give a practical approach to the course to get an immediate application of the knowledge once back home.
The course will be held in Villasimius on the eastern coast of south Sardinia, Italy a place particlarly nice in that period of the year and close e year and close to the beautiful city of Cagliari and to archaeological sites that are more than 3500 years old.